iMPACT HD is: Do it yourself fundraising. You set up your own page and fundraise on your terms.
Quick.  You don't need to wait on anybody else to get started.
Flexible.  It can be done anywhere, at any time, for any reason, and for as long or as short of period as you'd like.
Easy.  Well, really that's up to you.  You can make it hard if you want to!  
Self Managed.  You are in charge of your fundraiser in its entirety (but we will support you if you need us!)
Creative. All you need is an idea and a fundraising page.

Need some ideas? Here you go!
- Athletic events.
 Whether it's running, riding, cycling, hiking, yoga, spinning, curling, a volleyball tournament, or walking, ask your friends to pledge money to support your event.  
- Raffles. You can list items to be raffled off and set a ticket amount.  The more money a person donates, the more tickets they get.  Then raffle off your items.
- HD Awareness month fundraising. Participate in #LetsTalkAboutHD in the month of May and share your story, set up an iMPACT HD page to share with your posts. 
- There are many more ways you can use iMPACT HD to raise money. Get creative, and don't forget to let the HDSA Chapter Board know how you're making an iMPACT on HD.

To get started:
 1. Create your page here 2. Set a goal and time frame 3. Decide what you're fundraiser will be and customize your page to creat interest.
It's easy as 1, 2, 3! Unleash your passion, creativity and grab a few friends (or more...) and start a page, a team, or join a Team today! Make an Impact Today!

For individuals registering for endurance events who raise $500 or more, we will reimburse you up to $100 towards your registration fee.
For individuals who need a little extra help with how to fundraise, check out our "Tips on Fundraising" page.
Do you need help? We are here to support you. Contact Bill Waddington at for more information.

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